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   GASTROTUSS LIGHT - Antireflux Syrup

Gastrotuss Light

Medical Device with mechanical action, indicated for the treatment of gastric reflux to reduce the symptoms related to it such as: hy- popharyngeal globe sensation, cough, heartburn, esophagitis, dysphonia, rhinopharyngeal phlogosis, disepithelisation, regurgi- tation, and all cases of disorders that have gastric reflux as their root cause or contributing cause. Assisting the processes of re-e- pithelisation.
The product is low in calories, therefore being indicated for the treatment of gastric reflux even in overweight/obese patients, di- abetic patients and in all cases, in which the intake of low-calorie food is necessary.

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This material is intended to provide basic information. All medical advice, diagnosis and treatment should be obtained from your physician.

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