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Dear Reader,

A warm welcome to the pages of the DMG ITALIA website!

Since its establishment in 1993, DMG ITALIA, an independent Italian company, has been looking for new forms of treatment, in order to offer new products to patients and new business opportunities to pharmaceutical companies in Italy and abroad.

Very soon, DMG ITALIA identified its primary focus, namely, substances that could be characterized as medical devices according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993. Since then, DMG ITALIA’s area of interest became almost entirely the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices.

DMG ITALIA rapidly distinguished itself from other companies. Its high performance staff, high quality products and the ability to anticipate future market needs are the key factors for our continuing success and for the achievement of our primary goal, which is to be a pioneer in the field of medical devices.

Dear Reader, DMG ITALIA is a company continually in progress and at present we have projects to enlarge our current production plant, add a new factory, recruit more people, but mainly we have an extensive pipeline of products and an exciting array of many ongoing research projects.

High quality and innovative products allowed us to reach, in a very short time, the unmatched profile of
a national young company with the market presence of a large corporation”. And our unique experience, from research to market, is now at the disposal of our customers to develop their business worldwide.

Luigi Mercuri
CEO & Managing Director