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   NARIVENT - Antiedemigen Nasal Ointment and Spray

    Paedriatics Use
Indications: Medical device with an antiedemigen osmotic action used for the treatment of specific (allergic) or non-specific rhinitis in order to prevent nasal polyp formations. Indicated to reduce the nasal obstruction in patients affected by polyposis. Indicated for prophylaxis to prevent relapses after surgical treatment of nasal polyposis.   Indications: Osmotically acting medical device with antiedemigen and phlogolitic effects. Indicated for the reduction of nasal obstruction in patients affected by nasal turbinate hypertrophy and by specific (allergic rhinitis) or non-specific vasomotor rhinitis. Indicated for the treatment of oedema associated with acute and chronic rhinosinusal and adenoid inflammatory conditions. Indicated for the treatment and prevention of post-surgical relapse of nasal polyps. Indicated for the post-surgical treatment of rhinosinusal pathologies.

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